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A mobile Application for…

Giving what you can

Being cashless is no longer an excuse ! You can now give what you really want to offer, instead of emptying your pockets of the coins left from the morning coffee.

Keeping in touch with your community

The app let you know the mass times of your parish. You will have soon access to an actuality feed to keep informed of the community life.

… and soon, other donations

100% secure, multiple donations will soon be able to be done .

The app is free and 100% secure : demand it for your diocese !

Coming soon on the appstores !

First users

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Already set in 7 dioceses

More and more dioceses propose the app : After Bordeaux, Nice, Versailles, Paris and Avignon, Reims and Rennes just joined.

If your parish does not appear yet on our map, ask your priest or even your bishop !

Easy to use and secure

They talk about us…

Ethics Committee

They accompany us and advise us

Keep in touch on the social media

Want to have the app in your parish?
Contact us!

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